My body is walking around in circles, but my soul is standing still.

haunted / by me.

What do you do when something is running after you, slowly coming closer, and you despise it.
How do you controll your feelings. Why is it so hard to ignore.
It´s like you always see the flaws in you and not the good, it´s the same with the things around you, hard to ignore the things you want to ignore, and you ignore the things not worth ignoring.
And this importunate is pushing you down, deep in a black hole, everything is disappearing, the road under you, the sky above you, your toughts, your feelings, your like a stick, just standing there, freezed.
Its controlling you now, you don´t know whats reality or not, the only thing on your mind is that anxiety, disturbing you. Slowly growing bigger and bigger, like a lie turning into a labyrinth that has no start or end, entangled in it self.
The only way to come out is the truth, and it is there, deep inside you, but neather your mind or the something whos running after you wont let it out, it´s eating your pain.
It´s a one way out, keep yourself on the right way, don´t take sideways.

F##ed up / By me.

Sometimes it´s f#cked up, im trying watch my back while im trying to figure the way in front of me.
Still, it´s no sense. The world is spinning but im still standing strong. Strong on my feats, weak in my heart.
How come, when you have decied to keep your feet on this spot, the spot is moving away from you, near but still reacheable, but you know if you move your foot, you will leave this secure platform you standing on to understand whats on the next. Sometimes it´s f"ucked up, and the whole systems makes no sense.

Hello Universe / by me.

Hello universe, do you feel our connection, when i stare at your roof, i see your shining lights, saftley up there every day to help me guide myself, hidden by the sun, but i know they will be there when the night has come.

Hello universe, do you feel our connection, when i walk on your floor, with the sand under my toes, saftley help me to stand with my feets on the ground.

Hello universe, do you feel our connection, when i spin my body trough your open ocean, saftley help me to take away all my stress, just me and the water hugs my body.

Hello universe, do you feel our connection, when your breath blows in my hair, a breeze far from here, safetly lets me know that there is a whole world out there to experiance, when your breeze is coming i know there is something on the other side of the world waiting.

Thank you universe, for let me knowing i am privilege, just by knowing you.

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